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Swedish Design Movement brings together players in Swedish design, fashion and architecture who are spearheading the transition to sustainability. The initiative seeks to put Sweden on the international design map, raise the profile of sustainable Swedish businesses and set a global example.
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Design has an important role to play in the transition to a sustainable society, both in Sweden and globally. By mobilizing Swedish architects, fashion and furniture designers, researchers, producers and other actors, the Swedish Design Movement wants to help lead the transformation.

Sweden – the design nation

Swedish Design Movement has been part of the government’s export and investment strategy since 2016. It is now stepping up its drive to boost outside interest in Swedish design and accelerate demand for sustainable goods and services from Sweden. The first step is to raise Sweden’s profile as a design nation through a communications campaign showcasing innovative, pioneering companies and actors from different design sectors and parts of the country.

Collaboration across the design sectors

Swedish Design Movement is a Swedish government initiative managed by the Swedish Institute in collaboration with Architects Sweden, the Swedish Fashion Association, the Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry, the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design (Svensk Form), Swedish cities, regions and other partners. Its mission is to build an attractive platform for industry players that want to strengthen their international presence and promote global sustainable development, which also benefits Swedish exports.

Swedish design has always drawn its inspiration from everyday life. The sector ranges from nimble unicorns to firms that drive social change. Its innovations shape people’s lives. Swedish designers and manufacturers increasingly operate a circular business model in which products are made from renewable materials, last longer, are reused and then ultimately recycled. This sustainable production chain is possible thanks to new production processes, materials and technical innovations.
Here, Swedish design can show the way globally.

Swedish Design Movement will receive SEK 5 million of support in 2021 and it is hoped the initiative will continue for another two years or more. Its primary focus markets are Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Japan.

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Webinars at Stockholm Design Week and Stockholm Fashion Week 8–14 February

Tuesday 9/2
Svenska möbler i The Green Deal – Regeringssatsning ska stötta designföretagens export (in Swedish)

Wednesday 10/2
Swedish Design Movement – positioning Sweden internationally through sustainable design

Thursday 11/2
Designing for sustainability – The Swedish Design Movement

Swedish Design Movement is part of Sweden’s export and investment strategy. The strategy commits Sweden to take an international lead in implementing the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. To reach these targets, we need to transition to a circular and bio-based economy. This shift has the potential to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness and generate new jobs over time.

Swedish Design Movement organised several international exhibitions and activities in 2016-2019 under its former name Swedish Design Moves. It also hosted numerous visits by foreign journalists. More than 260 design, fashion and architecture firms participated, helping to showcase Swedish design, architecture and relevant destinations.

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