Regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine – how does the Swedish Institute work in the region?

Sweden has strongly condemned the Russian Federation's attack on Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Here we describe the Swedish Institute's operations in Russia and Ukraine and the changes that are now being implemented.
Parliament and government buildings

SI has been operating in the Baltic Sea region for a long time and finances several projects in Ukraine and Russia. We are now closely following developments and the official stance of the Swedish government. We are continuously evaluating how our operations in the region can best be maintained.

The extremely serious situation in the region has consequences that cannot currently be foreseen. The long-term impact on SI’s operations remains to be assessed as the development of events is rapid and varied. Any news and / or changes will be published on the website

SI’s activities in Russia are part of the government’s strategy for Sweden’s support for democracy, human rights and the environment in Russia. Within the framework of that strategy, the Swedish Institute finances, among other things, communication initiatives about Sweden in Russian as well as broad cooperation in the fields of culture, media and civil society.

SI continues to support projects that, in line with the government’s strategy, involve actors in the media, civil society and cultural life who work with democracy and human rights. These may include, for example, journalist organisations that work for freedom of expression and free media. These forces need support.

All financial support involving Russian state and public actors is now suspended immediately. For SI, this means for the most part that academic collaboration between higher education institutions and support for Swedish language teaching at state-owned Russian universities are withdrawn.

The Swedish Institute’s funding of collaborative projects, scholarships and leadership programmes often includes Ukraine. We continue to follow the development of these initiatives closely and will continue to support organisations, projects and individuals in all ways possible.

SI’s work in the region in brief:

  • SI follows the development and the directives that come from the government.
  • SI continues to work to strengthen democracy and human rights according to the strategy for Russia decided by the Swedish government.
  • All support to state and public-sector Russian actors is suspended.
  • Support for Swedish language teaching at state-owned Russian universities is withdrawn.