Innovation and creativity beyond the conventions at Stockholm Fashion Week

Swedish Design Movement focuses on sustainability as a competitive advantage during Stockholm Fashion Week. Innovation, creativity and collaboration is the way forward.
A close-up on a model with the neckline draping of a sleeveless blue dress in focus. Photographer: Margareta Bloom

During the annual design and fashion week in Stockholm, which take place in parallel this year, the government initiative Swedish Design Movement is relaunched. It seeks to strengthen Sweden’s position on the international design map, raise the profile of sustainable Swedish businesses and increase the export of sustainable goods and services.


Swedish Fashion Association is one of four design industry players who in 2016 contributed to initiating the program, and the organizers behind Stockholm Fashion Week, which is now taking place completely digitally for the second time.


– The Swedish Institute took over the management of this exciting government assignment at the turn of the year, and Stockholm Fashion Week is an excellent opportunity to highlight examples of how the industry addresses challenges and opportunities ahead, says Jenny Bergström, project manager at the Swedish Institute.


On February 11, a panel on Swedish Design Movement will discuss the crucial matter of designing for sustainability. It will be a conversation that spans fashion as well as design and architecture, and features Eva Lilja Löwenhielm, Design Manager at Ikea of Sweden, Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative Advisor for H&M and Tobias Olsson, CEO of Architects Sweden.


– Design plays a key role in the transition to a sustainable society, both in Sweden and globally. By mobilizing the power of Swedish fashion designers, furniture designers, architects, producers and other key players, Swedish Design Movement wants to take a leading role in that transformation, continues Jenny Bergström.


During Stockholm Fashion Week (9-11 February), four more talks are held where industry representatives discusses various aspects of sustainability, for example:

• The effect of the pandemic on Swedish fashion, both environmentally and business-wise

Circularity and how new business models are part of the solution

• “Climate action” about how the clock is ticking for the climate and what we need to do to reach the 1.5-degree target

• Textile recycling in Sweden

The entire program is conducted in English. No pre-registration required.

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