Rediscovering wood – architecture for the future

Of all building materials, wood is special. It is a renewable, durable, environmentally friendly and climate-smart material. Architecture has a big potential in combating climate change by using sustainable materials and construction methods.

On October 2, the The Circle – a research and production platform for architecture, art and culture in Istanbul – together with the Swedish Institute and the Consulate General of Sweden organizes a meeting between Swedish and Turkish experts and stakeholders to exchange experiences and to boost the dialogue on wood as a driver for sustainable architecture.

Jessica Becker, architect, Wood City Sweden
Selçuk Avcı, architect, founding partner of Avcı Architects, co-founder of The Circle

Dilek Öztürk, Co-Founder of IN-BETWEEN Design Platform

The event is part of Equal Spaces – a long term exchange between Sweden and Turkey that focuses on the city and public space through architecture and design. The project aims to open up new dialogues, transfer knowledge and create innovative solutions that contribute to a smart, creative and inclusive society.

For more information, read more about The Circle.

Project Manager

Jenny Bergström Bonmot