SI Leader Lab 2023

SI Leader Lab is a leadership program for leaders in civil society organisations in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and Eastern Europe who are working towards Sustainable Development Goal 16 - to promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies
A woman and a man standing infront of a flipchart with colourful post-its on.

Over 100 leaders from 22 countries are participating in SI Leader Lab 2023. During five months, they develop their skills in two thematic areas: advocacy and leadership. Participants are given the opportunity to grow as leaders, exchange experiences, create new contacts and test innovative tools and methods with colleagues working on similar issues.

The programme is a hybrid programme, conducted both online and onsite and the participants are encouraged to apply the learnings from SI Leader Lab in their organisations throughout the course of the program.

In May, the participants are welcomed for a Sweden Week with an intensive program at Sånga Säby on Ekerö, as well as in Stockholm. The focus of the Sweden Week is to explore how creativity and collaboration can be used to create powerful campaigns that really make a difference and can lead to systems change.

Read more about SI Leader Lab here: SI Leader Lab – Connecting leaders in civil society – Svenska institutet