Street View – design collaboration between Turkey and Sweden celebrates craft and local production

The Street View project brings together four Swedish and four Turkish designers with four artisans in Istanbul. Working closely together, they have collaboratively developed a number of design projects based on the artisans workshops, their histories and knowledge of production. The project is carried out within the frameworks of the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial.

The idea was developed by In-Between Design Platform in dialogue with the Swedish Institute and the Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul as part of the Equal Spaces project.

In-Between Design Space is a gallery located in Beyoğlu; a district of Istanbul hosting various artisans.
Most of these artisans work at street level and contribute to the rich cultural life of Istanbul. With this as a reference point, Street View is aiming to co-create in the context of intercultural design exchange.

After selecting four artisan workshops in Tomtom and Perşembe Pazarı neighbourhoods in Beyoğlu, four Swedish and four Turkish designers were invited to join the project. The research fields and previous experiences of the designers were the main criteria of the selection process. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, each designer duo were introduced to each other via video calls. After that, the artisans and their workshops were introduced to the designers. Ideas and design concepts evolved along various video calls, and in parallell, material and production research was conducted.

The main objectives of Street View are to contribute to the discussion on global design, enrich the design process through intercultural exchange, celebrate artisanal and local production and – in line with the theme of the Istanbul Design Biennial; Empathy revisited: Designs for more than one – contribute to increased empathy in society by inclusive processes and collaborations.

The Metal Workshop: Jenny Nordberg – Büşra Tunç – Ulaş Bayar
The Metal Workshop Team designed a plant pot family with different shapes and colours, proposing a system where plants can become living architectural elements by accommodating plant life-forms in contemporary interiors. The process of painting the surfaces was an experimental and performative one; it was ideated and accomplished uniquely for every piece in the dyehouse using the powder-coating technique.

The Quilt Workshop: Susanne Bescow – Pınar Akkurt – Beşir Bostan
The Quilt Workshop Team designed wall quilts using leftover silk materials. The designers praised the extinct and endangered animals and plants by using their drawings and documenting the carbon footprint left by humans. Thereby digital drawings developed by the designers are transformed into silk handmade quilts.

The Simit Workshop: Josefin Vargo – Mesut Öztürk – Kemal Erikli
The Simit Workshop Team designed an installation called “Askıda Simit” located at Tarihi Boğazkesen Simit Fırını, based on the Turkish custom of giving bread to people in need. Alongside the installation, the team has designed a table tray and a side table. The objects reinterpret the traditional simit tray used by street food sellers, which has been a strong cultural urban item since Ottoman times.

The Wood Workshop: Marie Louise Hellgren – Deniz Üner – Hacı Bayram EgeThe Wood Workshop Team designed a low seating furniture family consisting of 3 different products with different shapes, showing the importance of moving the body into creative and different ways of sitting.The idea aims to create a connection between body, nature and soul through the usage of wood which can bring healing to the everyday lives of people.

Read more about the project in Turkish here.

Project Manager

Jenny Bergström Bonmot