Toolbox Masterclass

- a new training for SI alumni on facilitating advocacy and leadership methods in teams and organisations.
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Are you an SI alumni working in civil society, looking for an inspirational boost for you and your organisation? Do you want to support more effective collaboration in your organisation to achieve your mission?

Take the opportunity and apply to our new Toolbox Masterclass to get access to a new set of carefully curated tools that can support you and your colleagues to lead collaboration that boosts your advocacy impact. 

The training is founded on the toolbox used in the Swedish Institute leadership programme SI Leader Lab and the training will be conducted in an innovative and supportive learning environment, facilitated by Hyper Island. Read more about SI Leader Lab here.

Please note that the training is open for all SI alumni (including SI Leader Lab alumni).

The Toolbox Masterclass will give you:

  • Access to the SI Leader Lab toolbox with leadership and advocacy tools that come with easy-to-use step by step guides and video instructions so that you can easily plan your own workshops to implement the tools in your organisation.   
  • Individual coaching support from experienced trainers
  • An opportunity to practice your facilitation skills, get inspired and share experiences on common challenges in a network of inspirational peers. 

The training is designed for 30 participants.   

 Example of tools in the training: 

  • Public Narrative – Marshall Gantz’ storytelling tool focusing on how to connect with people and drive action 
  • The Social Brain – how to use insights from brain science to create safe, inclusive and empowering spaces for collaboration 
  • Spectrum of support – how to identify allies you can work with to build power and who you need to shift to achieve change 
  • Active listening – a leadership tool for unlocking potential and overcoming challenges by listening to others with full attention 
  • Systems strategy – how to identify opportunities to change, disrupt and transform the system responsible for the problem you want to work on 
  • Creating a Learning Culture – a process for co-creating group values and norms to build trust and increase performance  
  • Sensing – a method from design thinking that encourages deep and empathetic listening to generate insights and creative ideas. 

Who can apply?
You can apply if you:   

  • Are an SI alumni, i.e. if you have: 
    – Received a scholarship from the Swedish Institute for studies in Sweden
    – Participated in a Swedish Institute Leadership Programme.
    – Participated in summer courses financed by the Swedish Institute 
  • Work in civil society, in a collaborative setting  
  • Have basic knowledge about design thinking 
  • Have the mandate and the motivation to create impact within the scope of SDG 16 (promoting just, peaceful and inclusive societies) 
  • Can commit to attend all the mandatory sessions and finalise the mandatory tasks  
  • Are ready to apply the knowledge and tools from the training in your organisation  


  • There will be four mandatory sessions online from September to November.  Dates: 
    – 26 September at 10:00-12:00 CEST
    – 11 October at 10:00-12:00 CEST
    – 2 November at 10:00-12:00 CET
    – 21 November at 10:00-12:00 CET 
  • Additional coaching will be offered to all participants.   
  • Additional time to go through toolbox material and hold two workshops in your organisation  

How to apply?
If you are interested in applying for the training, fill out the survey at the end of this page.
Deadline: 14 September.

Evaluation criteria 

  • Personal motivation letter, including one leadership or advocacy challenge you would like to address through this training 
  • Your possibility to spread the tools to relevant target groups 

 The primary objective of the training is for participants to spread knowledge and tools to create powerful advocacy and opinion building activities within SDG 16 (Agenda 2030).    

Deliverables for participants:  

  • Attend all mandatory sessions 
  • Plan, prepare for and lead two workshops from the toolbox in your organisation

Do you have questions and want to know more?
Welcome to reach out if you have questions:

The link to the applications form is not available at the moment.