Alumni Network Certification

If you are running an alumni network with a board, a solid member base and ongoing activities, you can apply to become certified by the Swedish Institute. All certified alumni networks can apply for financial support to organise activities during the year.


Why should we certify our network?
Can we apply for certification?
How to get certified – step by step
Once you have been certified


SI/Sweden alumni networks are associations who’s members have studied in Sweden and/or attended one of SI’s leadership programmes.

The purpose of the network is to:

  • contribute to Agenda 2030 and the global development goals
  • be run by alumni for alumni in a democratic, transparent and inclusive way. All alumni should have the chance to contribute, influence and participate.
  • function as a platform where alumni can stay in contact with Sweden, maintain and grow their network to other alumni, and work together for a fair and sustainable development.
  • have a relation to the local Swedish Embassy or Consulate based on mutual benefit. Swedish Embassies/Consulates recognise alumni as a resource and make use of the capacity of the network. Alumni support the Embassy/Consulate to the best of their abilities.

To be an active member of a SI/Sweden alumni networks is an opportunity to maintain a life-long relation to Sweden and to a global network of change-agents.

Why should we certify our network?

  • You can apply for financial support to hold events throughout the year
  • You get access to the SI Alumni Network Toolkits
  • You establish a closer connection between your network, SI as well as Swedish Embassies and consulates in your country
  • It is a great way for you to review the structure of your network and to boost and mobilise your members
  • All board members get the opportunity to attend the Alumni Network Management Course
  • Board members can request an official reference letter from SI on your engagement, to add to your CV

Can we apply for certification?

To apply for certification for your network you need to:

  • Have a member base of at least 25 persons residing in the country
  • Have an elected board
  • Comply with the SI Code of Conduct
  • Contribute to Agenda 2030 by organising alumni activities

How to get certified – step by step

All certificates expire on 1 March every year and need to be renewed on a yearly basis. Deadline to send in all required documents for certification 2022 is on 10 February 23:59 CET.
Certification Application Form (link no longer available).

To increase your chances to be certified as a network, make sure to build your network base with active members. If you don’t have one already, start a discussion forum online where alumni are invited to contribute with ideas on what the network should focus on and which activities to plan. Contact with the local Embassy is also a bonus to help support your network.

If your network is new the recommendation is to initially organise activites without funds and slowly grow the network. Swedish Institute can help you connect with local Embassy as well as reach out to alumni in your country. Before starting the application process, get in touch with

1. Prepare the annual meeting

  1. Make sure to have a solid network base with active members. Create a list with a minimum 25 members residing in the country.
  2. Set the date, time and agenda for the annual meeting together with the rest of the board members or with rest of active alumni if you are a new network. You can find a step-by-step manual for organising an annual meeting here.
    Template – Agenda annual meeting
  3. Decide whether you prefer physical or online meeting. During times of pandemics SI encourages online meetings.
  4. Make sure the voting can be done in a democratic way on the day of the annual meeting. If you want help from someone impartial to coordinate the voting, you can ask your contact at the Swedish Embassy.
  5. Send an invitation to all members at least three weeks before the annual meeting. Attach your agenda to the invitation and make sure that everyone who wants can express interest in being part of the coming board beforehand. That way the voting on the actual event is done easier.
  6. Make sure all members get an invitation. Note that it is not important that all members attend your event. If you need help with reaching out to new members, get in touch with SI.
  7. If you were certified last year, you can apply for financial support to conduct your annual meeting. Make sure to apply at least five weeks before you hold the meeting.

2. Conduct the annual meeting

  1. Hold an annual meeting where the new board is democratically appointed.
    Template -Annual meeting notes
  2. The board should consist of at least three appointed members:
    Chairperson, Vice-chairperson and Treasurer. It is important that the Chair/Vice chairpersons are not the same person as the Treasurer. A board consists of 3-7 people with different responsibilities.
  3. Create a network bank account. The network bank account should be connected to the Treasurer and details should be shared with SI to be able to make the grant payments.
    Template – Bank form with Treasurer’s details
  4. We strongly recommend to have statutes for your network to avoid misunderstandings and to easier navigate the organisation. Contact SI at to get examples and templates.
  5. Set up a strategy for what you want to accomplish within your network, including a brief plan for activities for the coming year. A minimum of three activities evenly spread out over the year is recommended.
  6. If you were certified the past year – prepare and send in a yearly report describing and evaluating last year’s activities.
    Template – Yearly report
  7. Arrange a communications platform where you can reach your members (Facebook, Linkedin, a website, or any other channel you think suits your local network).
    SI Code of conduct for social media
  8. Study the Alumni Network Guidelines for communication on how to work with logos and communication for your network.
    Download Guidelines for communication alumni networks
  9. All board members must be aware of, and committed to complying with the SI Code of Conduct that applies to all certified alumni networks.

3. Send your certification application form

Once you have held the annual meeting – fill out and send the certification application form with below attachments. Kindly make sure to use provided templates:

  1. Template – List of members
  2. Template – Annual meeting notes
  3. Template – Bank form with treasurer’s details
  4. Template – Yearly report (if your network was a certified network last year)

For any queries about the process contact

Once you have been certified

You are good to go and plan activities for the year! Information on how to organise activities supported by SI you will find under Resources and at the Sweden Alumni Network Resource Hub (only open to board members of certified networks).


Work the Nordic Way. Photo: Sweden Alumni Network Vietnam
Certification Application Form
As a certified alumni network you can apply for activity grants from the Swedish Institute. Want to certify your network?
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