Alumni Network Certification

Are you running an alumni network with a board and a solid member base? Certify your SI/Sweden Alumni Network with SI and become a primary contact partner for Sweden!


What does certifying our network mean?
Can we apply for certification?

SI/Sweden Alumni Networks:

  • are run by alumni for alumni in a democratic, transparent and inclusive way. All alumni should have the chance to contribute, influence and participate.
  • function as a platform where alumni can stay in contact with each other and Sweden, maintain and grow their network to other alumni, and work together for a sustainable development.
  • have a relation to the local Swedish Embassy or Consulate based on mutual benefit

What does certifying our network mean?

As an SI/Sweden Alumni Network you can apply to get certified by the Swedish Institute. Alumni networks can apply to become certified at the beginning of each year. Certifying your network means that:

  • You establish a closer connection between your network, alumni, SI as well as Swedish Embassies, consulates and companies in your country
  • You function as the priminary platform for new students going to Sweden for studies and research as well as for alumni coming back.¬†
  • You may receive exclusive opportunities as an alumni network board member
  • You get a certificate from the Swedish Insitute proving that you are a certified network
  • Please note that SI can no longer provide funding to alumni networks¬†

Requirements for certification

To apply for certification for your network you need to:

  1. Comply with the SI Code of Conduct
  2. Have a member base of at least 25 persons from your country who has agreed to join the network – Template – List of members
  3. Have an elected a board consisting of 3-7 people with at least a chairperson, a vice chairperson and a treasurer (no bank form needed) – Electing a board guideline
  4. Have a yearly open call process for vacant positions in the network board sent out to all members and posted in all communication channels
  5. Announce and hold an annual meeting where the board is elected and meeting notes are taken. This meeting invitation needs to go out to all network members at least three weeks in advance.
    Template – Annual meeting agenda with notes
    Step-by-step manual for organising an annual meeting here.
  6. Have two established communication platforms 1) an internal group where new alumni can join and engage 2) an external social media communication platform open to the public. Certified networks must comply with below guidelines.
    SI Code of Conduct for Social Media
    SI Guidelines for Communication
  7. Send in a yearly report (if you were certified last year)
    Template – Yearly report

Submit your certification application form

The certification application form for 2024 is now closed. 

Kindly make sure to use provided templates:

  1. Template – List of members
  2. Template – Annual meeting agenda with notes
  3. Template РYearly report (if your network was a certified network last year)

For any queries about the process contact