Alumni network toolkit

The Swedish Institute offers financial support for all certified alumni networks to organise activities. On this page you can find all alumni network toolkit that can be used to organise an activity.
En man och en kvinna står och planerar vid ett bord med tuschpennor och papper.


About the toolkit
How to use toolkit
Available toolkit

About the toolkit

Below you can find the toolkit that are available for certified networks. Toolkit are ready made activity ideas on topics that are in line with the Swedish Institute’s strategies and goals. The toolkit are meant to make it easier for you to host great activities within your local network. You can apply for the toolkit at any time during the year, as long as your network is certified. Please note that you must submit your application at least 5 weeks before the planned activity takes place. You must also report your last event before you can apply for a new grant.

If you have an idea for an activity that does not fit into the frame of any of the toolkit below, please email us at and briefly tell us about your idea. If we think it is something that you can apply for support for, we will send you instructions for an application.

How to use the toolkit

Within each toolkit there are instructions and a step-by-step manual saying what needs to be done and thought of when you plan and host your activity. With these instructions we hope to make it easier to divide tasks within the organising team and stick to the required time frame. The toolkit are to be seen as inspiration – you can make some changes to make the activity more suitable for your local context.

Available toolkit

Electionville NEW!
Online Book Fair NEW!
Images that change the world NEW!
#InclusiveSocieties NEW!
Join the Parade! NEW!
Global Guy Talk
Her rights!
Never Violence
Film Screening: Integration, (LGBTQI in film) (Women in film)
Annual meeting

Clothes Swap
Eat Smart Challenge
Fashion Revolution
Eco Fika
Plastic Free Week


Fika with Swedish companies
Send-Off Activity
Study in Sweden Promotion Activity
Welcome Back Activity
Kanelbulle Bake Day

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Alumni Activity Application Form
All certified alumni networks can receive funding from SI for organising an alumni activity based on a Toolkit, SDG goal(s) or Sweden Collaboration idea.Want to receive funding for your alumni activity?
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Händer som skriver på dators tangentbord
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Alumni Activity Report Form
After organising an alumni activity funded by SI a report from the activity must be submitted. Make sure to submit it 2 weeks after the activity has taken place at the latest.
Submit a report!