Scholarships for the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit 2024

Are you a teacher interested in the promotion of democracy, science, and human rights? At the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit teachers from all over the world meet with Nobel laureates, top scientists, and peace activists around a theme of great importance in education. Apply for a scholarship to attend the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit and an extended programme organised by the Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm, Sweden 2-5 October 2024.


In collaboration with the Nobel Prize Museum, the Swedish Institute is financing a scholarship for 35 teachers from 21 countries to attend a four-day programme centred around the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit.

The theme of this year’s Nobel Prize Teacher Summit is “Minding the Brain” – a deep dive into various perspectives of the human brain. As educators, understanding our brain is essential in forming a positive learning environment. What do we know about the mind today? How does learning actually occur? Can we train our brains to keep pace with an ever evolving society?

Can I apply?

The travel scholarship is open to trained and professionally active teachers from the following countries:

  • Africa: Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa
  • Asia: India, China, Mongolia, Nepal, Thailand
  • Europe: Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro
  • Latin America: Chile, Colombia, Brazil
  • MENA: Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia

Other requirements

  • You understand, speak, read and write English fluently
  • You arrange your own Schengen visa
  • You are able to pay for your own round trip and transfer (this will be reimbursed to you in Stockholm on 2 October)
  • You have a bank account that allows transfers in SEK, EUR or USD and a credit card that can be used for your purchases in Sweden (it is almost impossible to use cash in Sweden).
  • When you return home you will organise a Nobel Prize Teacher Summit Hub for teacher colleagues in your home region, using material provided by the Nobel Prize Museum
Photo: The Nobel Prize Museum


Wednesday 2 October
Arrival in Stockholm
14:00-16:30 – A welcome address and introduction at the Nobel Prize Museum, Stockholm.
Meet and greet with representatives from the Swedish Institute

Thursday 3 October
8.30-18:30 The democracy mission in the Swedish schools. Introduction, school visit and workshop at the Nobel Prize Museum. Followed by a reception at the Stockholm City Hall.

Friday 4 October
8:30- 16:30 Nobel Prize Teacher Summit 2024 at Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm

Saturday 5 October
9:00-12:00 Workshop at the Nobel Prize Museum followed by a guided tour.
travel back home

The scholarship will consist of:

  • Support for the costs of visa, travel, transfers and meals. Disbursed when the participant is in Stockholm:
    Teachers from Europe: SEK 5,000 (about EUR 440/USD 475)
    Teachers from MENA: SEK 10,000 (about EUR 880/USD 955)
    Teachers from Asia: SEK 15,000 (about EUR 1,320/USD 1,430)
    Teachers from Africa: SEK 20,000 (about EUR 1,760/USD 1,910)
    Teachers from Latin America: SEK 25,000 (about EUR 2,200/USD 2,385)
  • Hotel in Stockholm, 4 nights (booked by the Nobel Prize Museum)
  • Introduction at the Nobel Prize Museum on Wednesday, 2 October
  • Study visits and workshop on Thursday, 3 October, including lunch
  • Conference fee for Friday 4 October, including lunch
  • Programme on Saturday, 5 October at the Nobel Prize Museum
  • Insurance during the period 1-6 October
  • A personal letter of invitation, for use when applying for a visa and the like

Assessment and application

The Nobel Prize Museum is responsible for assessing applications and choosing candidates. In addition to above requirements, they will consider:

  • Gender balance
  • Allocation between countries
  • Assessment of a personal letter in which a teacher explains how he or she will spread knowledge further in home country networks
  • Previous connection to Sweden

Application link

The 2024 application is closed – deadline 1 May 2024

Applicants will be notified by e-mail no later than 1 June, 2024 whether they have received financial support or not. No explanations will be provided to those who do not receive a scholarship.


More information about the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit