“I hope to create an environment that fosters creativity and innovation in Jordan”

SI met with Ala Abdallah, SI scholarship holder and speakers at the SI Diploma Ceremony taking place at Stockholm City Hall on the 27 May.
Ala Abdallah

Hi Ala, can you remember why you first chose Sweden and the SI Scholarship for Global Professionals?

My motivation to apply for the SI scholarship for global professionals stemmed from a combination of personal and professional factors. Firstly, I was eager to experience living in Sweden and immerse myself in the values and culture of this country. Coming from Jordan, I was excited to compare and contrast the societal norms and practices between the two countries. 

From a professional standpoint, my main motivation for applying was directly related to my field of study, pursuing a degree in bio-entrepreneurship. I aimed to complement my 6 years of experience as a pharmacist focusing on the business side of life science. The scholarship provided an invaluable opportunity to enhance my knowledge about healthcare innovation, which is crucial in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Your two years of studying bio-entrepreneurship at Karolinska Institutet is coming to an end. Was your experience of studying in Sweden, as you imagined?

There have been some pleasant surprises that were different from my initial expectations. One notable aspect is the emphasis on teamwork and consensus culture. I have seen that in academic group work and in my internships. Furthermore, Sweden’s commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness has been truly inspiring. The integration of eco-friendly practices and sustainable initiatives in various aspects of daily life has been remarkable to witness and participate in. This focus on sustainability aligns closely with my own values and has provided a unique perspective on the importance of environmental stewardship. 

What is one thing you take with you from your two years in Sweden?

My most important learning point during my time in Sweden is the significance of fostering an ecosystem for innovation, particularly in the medical field. I have witnessed first-hand how my university has established an accessible incubator that welcomes students with promising ideas and provides them with the necessary resources and support to bring their innovations to life. This experience has highlighted the importance of creating an environment that nurtures and encourages innovative thinking. Which I hope I will get the chance to duplicate in Jordan. 

Where do you hope to be 10 years from now?

In the next 10 years, I aspire to be a leader and catalyst for positive change in the healthcare sector. I envision myself in a prominent role where I can contribute to advancing healthcare systems and addressing healthcare challenges in my country and beyond. Whether it’s through policymaking, research and development, or entrepreneurial endeavours, I aim to drive innovation and improve access to quality healthcare services.  

Additionally, I hope to play a key role in fostering collaborations between different stakeholders, including academia, industry, and government, to create sustainable healthcare solutions. Ultimately, my goal is to make a lasting impact on healthcare outcomes and contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities.