“I really think that the direction for sustainability is a circular economy”

Pandu Wirawan Arief, Chief Operational Officer at Cumi Rental Marketplace and participant in Swedish Institute Management Programme Asia from Indonesia shares the idea behind his start-up and his future goals. 

So, tell us a bit about your start up?

It´s a rental marketplace helping people getting the product they need without having to own or purchase it.  Let´s say you want to hang up some pictures or paintings, you will need a driller. But you don´t have to buy that, it´s a waste of money! And it will just end up somewhere where you probably can’t find it, right? You can just rent one. This is what I want to do in a large scale in Indonesia.

Why did you apply to SIMP (Swedish Institute Management Programme) Asia?

Before I entered SIMP, I honestly wasn´t really convinced about the idea so I made a pro and con list. Now when I have entered the programme I honestly feel that I am really blessed. It has opened my mind and made me think that the world is actually changing and it is for the better. I learned for example how IKEA is actually trying to change their business model from selling to renting their furniture. And that is what we are going to do in our company. I really think that the direction for sustainability is a circular economy where we can share everything.

How has SIMP helped you develop as a change maker?

Now I have a greater understanding what sustainability is about and I have learned a lot that I can actually apply in my organization as well as outside. I can be the one who advocates in my environment, for my business partners that we can do this together.  I have understood from case studies that in Sweden a lot of companies are going towards a more sustainable direction. Everyone is really trying to put their hands together to make it work. I would like to come back to my country and be able to create some change. At least I will start and I believe that my friends will follow.

If you had to choose one thing that you liked about the programme, what would that be?

I really like the speakers and the experience they share with us. I also like the fact that I can apply some of the content directly into what I do, into my company. And that it’s not only in class learning, but that we also make field visits.

Where do you see yourself in the future – what’s your goal?

My biggest goals are related to my start up, the rental market place. Hopefully within three years, people in Indonesia will have access to 50 million products through the market platform and a million household are getting an extra income from renting their products.

And last but not least: what will tomorrow’s leaders do different compared to the leaders of today?

If leaders are able to understand what sustainability is, they will be more responsible to every decision they make in their organization and in their surroundings and definitely become better leaders and make changes that really matters.

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