New podcast: Shaping new realities

Shaping New Realities is a podcast about individuals striving for a gender equal world. In three episodes we visit India, Belarus and Malawi to meet Elsa, Tony and Victor who are all Swedish Institute alumni and progressive leaders in their local communities. The podcast explores their stories of creating a positive impact in their home countries through different uses of communication and technology.

Listen to the podcast  to hear more about how social entrepreneur Elsa Da Silva created SafeCity, a ground-breaking app that uses crowdsourced data to make cities in India safer, how Tony Snizhko uses online activism to encourage gender equality in Belarus and how radio journalist Victor Kaonga challenges gender structures in both the church and national radio in Malawi.

Listen to Shaping New Realities here.

You can also listen to the podcast through Acast, Podcaster and SoundCloud.