BIBSR2018; Towards integrity together

The BIBSR2018 project will work with transparency and integrity issues of businesses in the Baltic Sea region.

Corruption and bribery are major threats to rule of law and sustainable development all over the world. Transparency International stresses that emerging market multinationals continue to fall short of corporate transparency standards. Many companies have their anti-corruption policies in place yet it remains unclear how these policies work in practice. Therefore, it is necessary to create transnational partnerships to share experiences on a broader scale.

The project will work with three organizations that are members of Transparency International. With this project they want to build and expand integrity networks for businesses and in a broader perspective strengthen the competitiveness of the Baltic Sea region. The aim is to promote integrity practices and increase transparency of businesses in the region. The project partners will identify partners from the private sector and create partnerships to drive the anti-corruption progress. They will advocate for the implementation of anti-corruption standards in practice. Activities include to identify and involve private companies, development of needs assessment and recommendations for actions.