LARELICE-P; Preparing Learning about Resource Efficiency Leading into Circular Economy project

The LARELICE-P project addresses the preparedness of companies in the Baltic Sea region to move forward towards a circular economy.

The circular economy implies reduced use of energy and materials, but also reduction of fuels and airborne emissions. Cutting green gas emissions is a top environmental priority for many countries, municipalities and cities in the Baltic Sea region. However, the awareness of and preparedness for climate change and circular economy measures differ across the region. Higher education institutions often cooperate with companies in their regions, but not as often with companies across the Baltic Sea.

The project suggests that national, regional and international companies and research institutions need to share more knowledge and best practices. The goal of the project is to prepare for a future project that will promote resource and energy efficiency by bringing companies in the Baltic Sea region into closer cooperation with higher education institutions. For this purpose, the LARELICE-P project will conduct a survey to study the preparedness of companies to become more resource and energy efficient, as part of a circular economy.