“She Entrepreneurs helped me identify every step of my growth strategy”

Sabrine Zahroubane, She Entrepreneurs alumni, shares her experience of creating Morocco’s first digital health platform and how SI’s leadership programme has supported her entrepreneurial journey.
Picture of Sabrine Zahroubane during She Entrepreneurs 2023

Sabrine co-founded the Moroccan health platform TA7ALIL.MA that digitalise medical records of patients and allow patients to keep track of medical history, prescriptions and make appointments. We interviewed her about her business and what it was like to participate in She Entrepreneurs.

Like many entrepreneurs, Sabrine found a personal challenge that inspired her to venture into entrepreneurship and create the business she runs today:

– My father was sick for two years and during this period he was going to visit a lot of doctors and had to do a lot of analysis. When he was going to the doctors, he was always receiving medical prescriptions and the results of analysis in paper. Whenever he would go back to a doctor, he was obliged to bring all documentation with him as there was no medical history that was saved in digital format. It was a lot of documents that he was obliged to keep very well. With my co-founder we started to study the market and realised that no one was doing anything about this problem, so we decided to start our own company.

Sabrine applied to She Entrepreneurs hoping to receive more support in developing her business

– As entrepreneurs we are always in a rush, we always do everything at the same time. It was great to be able to take a moment and reflect on what we have done well and what we didn’t do so well. She Entrepreneurs helped me to identify every step of my growth strategy. It was not just an exercise during the programme but we were actually given time to really concentrate and outline a growth strategy for our business. This is something my co-founder and I have been trying to do but never managed to make time for.

An important component of She Entrepreneurs is focusing on self-leadership, leadership of others and resilience. Sabrine found that she learned many good tips and insights on how to better lead herself:

– Something I will take with me from the programme is to be kinder to myself. As a manager of employees, I always forget to also take care of myself. Many of us feel guilty for taking time for ourselves and not dedicating it to our business, this was something that was said by the other entrepreneurs as well.

Every year 30 female founders are invited to the programme; they are paired with a partner during the online module and get to meet each other during the week-long visit to Sweden. The opportunity to build a network of entrepreneurs in the region is something Sabrine appreciates about the programme:

– It has been great being in contact with other entrepreneurs from the MENA region. They were all awesome, each one had their own business problem, perspective, and culture but we all connected so well. We realised we all face similar challenges, so it was interesting to connect.

Sabrine advice other Moroccan female founders to apply to She Entrepreneurs:

– I can only advice them to apply. You can only grow after this experience!