Why get certified?

  • You can apply for financial support to hold events throughout the year
  • You get access to the SI Alumni Network Toolkits (readymade event concepts)
  • You establish a closer connection between your network and SI
  • It is a great way for you to review the structure of your network and to boost and mobilise your members
  • One person from the board gets to travel to Stockholm for training once a year
  • Opportunities for engaged members to apply for travel grants to visit other alumni networks

What do you need to get certified?

  • Have a solid member base (a list or database with at least 25 members)
  • Have an engaged steering committee/board with at least three appointed members
  • Hold an annual meeting where the board is democratically elected
  • One person of the board should be appointed cashier and his/her bank details should be shared with SI for grant payments
  • Set up a communications platform where you can reach your members (facebook, Linkedin, a website, or any other channel you think suits your local network)
  • Have a vision or strategy of what you want to accomplish within your network, including a brief plan for activities for the coming year
  • Send in an annual report to the Swedish Institute

Questions or ideas? Contact us at alumni@si.se and we can discuss the certification with you.

Note that all certifications need to be renewed on a yearly basis. All certificates expire on 1 March every year.

Apply to get certified! (online application form)