The mindset shift towards social entrepreneurship was pivotal

Lal Poleter co-founded Hergele Mobility, an all-inclusive micro-mobility tech startup committed to addressing complex transportation and logistics challenges. The She Entrepreneurs programme improved her leadership skills and provided a broader perspective on social entrepreneurship.
Profile photo of Lal Polater

Hergele Mobility, an all-inclusive shared mobility tech company in Turkey, has introduced 100% electric vehicles as a micro mobility solution for both transportation and logistics, specifically addressing the challenge of manual order picking in warehouses. In collaboration with investors, they have co-developed WAMO, a groundbreaking warehouse mobility vehicle that enhances operational efficiency by an impressive 75%. This initiative, rooted in the commitment to solving complex problems in transportation and logistics, has had a significant impact on companies.

Lal applied to the She Entrepreneurs program seeking support while navigating an environment dominated by engineers and developers, reflecting the innovative and inclusive approach of Hergele Mobility.

– Being a woman in this environment, I felt the need to connect, to avoid the sense of isolation and loneliness. I wanted to draw inspiration from others in similar situations, to learn from their journeys and mindsets. What I truly sought was a mindset shift for personal and professional growth. This quest for support and a shift in perspective became my main motivation.

The programme made it easier for Lal to grasp the nuances of leadership.

– She Entrepreneurs gave me a more refined, strategic approach to various aspects. The mindset shift towards social entrepreneurship was pivotal. This experience enabled me to connect the dots between people, teams, and companies, fostering creative problem-solving.

It also had a profound impact on shaping the type of leader she has become.

– The programme brought me inner peace. I abandoned micromanagement, shifting from constant scrutiny to embracing a servant leadership approach. Recognising that everyone has their own methods, I now prioritise effective results over rigid control, allowing individuals the stage to showcase their abilities.

Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to discover their motivating factor.

– Last week, I came across a powerful statement: “When faced with a challenge or roadblock, view it as a push to go after it‚ÄĚ. The thought-provoking question followed: “Is your dream not big enough to try one more time?”. It resonated deeply with me.

Hergele Mobility represents a journey towards a future where transportation and logistics harmonise with efficiency and sustainability, offering a glimpse into the evolution of mobility.

– We began in 2022, initially focusing on shared mobility, but now, recognising the potential in logistics, we’re transitioning. Our growth includes partnerships and an expanded vehicle portfolio. Our future involves integrating our shared mobility expertise into logistics, starting with WAMO vehicles, and expanding to optimise various vehicle performances.

She Entrepreneurs is a leadership programme for highly motivated women entrepreneurs in the Middle East, North Africa and T√ľrkiye who are building sustainable and scalable businesses that contribute to driving social and/or environmental change.

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