Worlds come together at Runö, in a unique forum on social dialogue

Over a hundred participants from 37 countries gather at Runö outside Stockholm for a 48-hour creative workshop, 20-21 November. Through interactive collaboration, participants will find solutions to sustainability challenges where social dialogue is used as a tool. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is keynote speaker.

Swedish Institute Sustainability Forum 2017: Let’s Talk! jointly organized by the Swedish Institute and LO (The Swedish Trade Union Confederation), in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (TCO), and UN Global Compact.*

The Swedish Institute Sustainability Forum (SISF) brings together participants from all over the world for the fifth consecutive year, to discuss different sustainability topics. The goal is to develop real-life solutions for 48 hours to help companies and organisations effectively manage different sustainability challenges in their local context.

This year’s theme, Let’s Talk!, Is inspired by the Global Deal Initiative – a global partnership for decent working conditions and inclusive growth, initiated by the prime minister, and run alongside the ILO and the OECD with a focus on social dialogue.

Matilda Axelsson, project manager at SI, has high expectations for the days:
– This is the biggest forum SI has done so far and it’s great to see what exciting participants are coming to Sweden. Our vision is to create a platform for dialogue between people who would not otherwise have taken place. By having to cooperate with people from a completely different background than your own, in a context far from everyday life, there is room for creativity and new ideas. Therefore, we have almost no speakers at the forum, but everyone is there to actively participate and contribute their expertise and experience, as means to finding common solutions.

The more than 100 participants come from all over the world and from different backgrounds; business, government and ministries, trade unions and civil society. To discuss topics such as decent work, employment, anti-corruption and equality in this combination of sectors that are not common in all parts of the world.

– Just meeting each other in this way is unique in itself, Matilda says, and it will be very interesting to see what ideas and solutions they will develop during these intense 48 hours!

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Haashtag: #SISFLetsTalk

* In collaboration with United Nations Global Compat on Decent Work, Health and Human Rights.