Sweden is guest of honour at the international book fair in Krakow, Poland.

SI is one of many Swedish collaborating partners where Sweden is guest of honour at the 22nd international bookfair in Krakow which opens on 25 October.

The international bookfair in Krakow attracts more than 70 000 visitors annually which makes it the biggest bookfair in Poland. In order to raise interest in Swedish literature a number of Swedish authors as well as Swedish publishing houses and translators are present in Krakow: Åsa Lind, Ebba Witt-Brattström, Jack Werner, Jujja Wieslander, Niklas Orrenius, Maciej Zaremba, Elisabeth Åsbrink, Sven Nordqvist and Martin Widmark, to mention a few.

For the first time the new exhibition Little Library by SI is showcased in the Swedish stand,which offers a large variety of Swedish children´s literature as well as the exhibition ´ A tribute to children´s books´ by the Swedish  Academy for Children´s books with illustrations and quotes, collected under the motto ´Children´s books – the first encounter with literature´ an endless world  that lasts for a lifetime. The exhibition highlights reasons for reading and includes illustrations by Swedish illustrators of children’s books.

In connection with the book fair the exhibition Swedish crime scenes  produced by SI is shown. Swedish Crimes highlights the Swedish crime fiction phenomena against a backdrop of Swedish geography and landscape, providing updated presentations of some of the most prominent Swedish crime fiction writers active today.

You will find the Swedish stand in hall D33.

Organisors are: SI, Embassy of Sweden in Warsaw in collaboration with the Swedish culture and arts council, Ericsson and IKEA.

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Emma Jansson

Henrik C. Enbohm